Middle Main

A neighborhood just a little off center

Community Impact Report

In 2013, Hudson River Housing undertook a Resident Survey to directly measure the impact of our work in the neighborhood. 

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Our findings included:

  • Nearly 75% of neighborhood residents are satisfied living in the neighborhood, and 64% would recommend it to someone else as a good place to live.
  • Half of all residents feel that the neighborhood has improved some or a great deal in the last three years, with another 23% saying they feel it has held steady.  There is much hope for the future, with 58% of respondents saying they believe the neighborhood will improve over the next three years, and only 13% saying they think it will decline.
  • Though 96% of residents feel safe in the community during the day, after sunset 50 percent feel unsafe.
  • Residents have varying levels of community involvement and leadership. Residents help each other individually more than they initiate community-wide change.  66% of residents took no action in the last year to improve the community, and 60 percent same claimed to have at least sometimes volunteered to help others.
  • More than half of residents surveyed (60 percent) are willing to increase their leadership skills so they can help influence change.
  • Building relationships is key – over 40 percent of residents say they are very likely to lend a hand to another community member in need.
  • Residents have significant confidence in themselves to create positive change in the community, with 62 percent expressing that they can make a fair amount or great deal of difference through their individual efforts.
  • Residents are generally positive about the public services in the neighborhood, with the exception of street cleaning.  Over half (52%) rated street cleaning services fair to very poor.
  • Residents know about the Middle Main Initiative. 1 in 2 residents have heard of the Initiative, and 18 percent have participated in an event, meeting, or group activity sponsored by Middle Main.

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