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Poughkeepsie Open Kitchen (POK) | North River Roasters Coffee House | Community Hub | Earth, Wind & Fuego

Hudson River Housing Coffee House, Kitchen & Cafe

Coffee House Hours: Monday -Friday8am-4pm 

HRH is now sole operator of the coffee house, which still features food from Earth, Wind & Fuego.

Earth, Wind & Fuego offers healthy meals, locally-sourced, and affordably priced. Gluten/soy/dairy/sugar-free options available. Nourish your mind, body and soul!  Visit earthwindfuego.com for more info.

Cafe Hours: Monday -Friday 8am-2pm

North River Roasters

Poughkeepsie's first coffee roaster, North River Roasters, makes quality coffee that is sourced mindfully from farms that provide fair wages and use sustainable farming methods. Visit northriverroasters.com for more info.

Community Hub

The Community Hub is a place for the community to connect. During North River Roasters' operating hours, the Hub is open for patrons to sit and enjoy coffee. Outside of operating hours, it is available for community members to hold parties, meetings, events, and gatherings! For information about the booking process and our rates and fees, please review this document: 


The Community Hub Features:

  • Large conference table & chairs
  • 15 café tables & chairs
  • Additional stacking chairs and conference tables
  • Blue tooth speaker system
  • Options for serving North River Roasters coffee

Poughkeepsie Open Kitchen (POK)

The POK is an initiative of Hudson River Housing to revitalize Poughkeepsie’s Middle Main Street district, and to provide food entrepreneurs and start-ups with an affordable space to develop and grow their business. With 3,000 square feet of combined cooking, preparation, and storage space, POK is designed to meet the kitchen needs of the Hudson Valley’s food entrepreneurs. It is well suited for caterers, food truck operators, retail or wholesalers, cooking or nutrition instructors, or food concept developers, or for chefs to use it as a pop-up restaurant space to pilot a new concept. Located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, surrounded by culinary institutions, local farms, food businesses, and diverse ethnic cultures, the POK hopes to harness our collective love of food and to build community pride and connectedness. Read more about why we created POK.

  POK: Available for rent $25/hour on an hourly or daily basis 24/7 at all hours

  Renting both Coffee House and POK Spaces: If you want to rent both the

  coffee house space and the POK, the price is $40/hour


The POK features:

  • Stainless steel prep tables and abundant counter space
  • 6-burner gas range with flat top and oven
  • Convection oven
  • 30 quart floor mixer
  • Pizza oven
  • Ice maker
  • Small wares such as food processor, blender, mixers, etc
  • Cooking, baking, cooling, and storing equipment and tools
  • Dedicated cleaning area with dishwasher
  • Affordable dry and cold storage spaces (prices listed in attached document)

Documents to download for Poughkeepsie Open Kitchen (POK) members: 

Express of Interest Form: If you are interested in joining this kitchen community, please complete this form. It will provide us with more information about your food business goals and commercial kitchen needs so we can ensure that POK will be a great fit for you. 

Please complete and email it to underwearfactory@hudsonriverhousing.org

How to Schedule Time in the Poughkeepsie Open Kitchen [POK]

Poughkeepsie Open Kitchen [POK] Kitchen Member Policies & Procedures

See Poughkeepsie Open Kitchen (POK)'s Space Availabilities Here: 



Contact and Visit us!

Visit the facility from Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:00pm

Facility tours available by appointment



8 North Cherry Street


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