Middle Main

A neighborhood just a little off center

Bring Us to Your Community!

Like what's happening in Middle Main? Talk to us about your community! We're able to bring our expertise in community engagement, meeting facilitation, leadership training, neighborhood marketing, and property redevelopment on a consulting basis to your neighborhood.

Talk to us about the following:

Commitment to place

How to identify a target area and clarify your stake and involvement.

All about meetings!

How to build a shared vision, facilitate productive community meetings, create a steering committee of volunteer leadership, and identify and draw on existing assets.

Activating People and Space

Examples of using events to connect, inspire and learn, and the importance of managing a consistent flow of activity.

Building local capacity

Tools for training community leaders, creative methods for involving and supporting the business community, managing growth, and sustaining momentum.

Positioning the neighborhood

Branding your neighborhood for success, and creating shared community resources (website, social media).

Having fun, being brave, and the value of persistence

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