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Save Some Gas, Walk Down Middle Main

I always find myself ignoring the need to come to terms with the amount of gas that is in my car’s tank. It’s not until I hear the beep and see the flickering red light, that I immediately know without looking down that I have “low fuel.” Next step is to start searching for the cheapest gas I can find – whether it is a difference of only 1 or 2 cents, it is absolutely imperative that I find that better price.

Recently, my…


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MLK Day of Service

As a kid, I was always encouraged by my parents to appreciate what I had in my life and to understand that there were others less fortunate than myself. Every day I hear of new stories and instances where Hudson River Housing (HRH) has reached out and helped so many individuals in Poughkeepsie, whether by providing emergency housing to a family whose home has been compromised, or to a person who is struggling financially and homeless. I…


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For all who ever walk and bike in Dutchess County

“There is a lot of demographic and other trends that are pointing toward more interest in walking and biking,” said Emily Dozier, a senior planner with the Poughkeepsie-Dutchess council, “and not just for recreation, but also for getting around and for all the short trips that we make during the day.”- Emily Dozier, in PoJo article

Now is…


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Local radio still entertains and informs, and maybe can help in our neighborhood revitalization

Lighting speed internet connections at home and smart phones becoming more ubiquitous than ever, the curtain has fallen on the age of waiting for… anything. Today we enjoy nearly instantaneous streams of information always available at our fingertips, literally. But at times it feels the convenience and availability of information makes us hyper-aware of the world around us, a state from which we can’t easily revert.  Playing devil’s advocate for the ‘smart’ forms of all communication and…


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Happy Hour Fun

Friday afternoon; the final stretch before the weekend break and whatever blissful, playful, or simply relaxing plans lay ahead of you. For most, it will be a weekend chock full of fun; plans with friends, attending events, or simply kicking back and…


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El Patron

I find it hard to believe that this bone chilling cold weather could possibly persist much longer. Yesterday when I checked the forecast, I was all but thrilled to discover a temperature reading of 11 degrees. Of course, you only have to look a little…


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The Nuddy Bar & Grill: Eat, Unwind, Enjoy The Company and Come Back Late-Night For The Party

Anyone looking for a relaxed, warm and welcoming bar with bold character look no further than The Nuddy Bar and Grill located at 367 Main Street in the same complex as The Chance Theater (located behind).

The chill atmosphere can’t be beat with its wide open dining room, framed by a nice wooden bar and large booths lining the walls. There’s a pool…


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Letters to Magi written, children await second gift of holiday season

The three kings are on their way to Poughkeepsie with gifts for all those kids patiently waiting their arrival since writing them letters describing how good they were this year and what gifts they want.

I thought I would take this…


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Don't Dump! DONATE!

Every year as the holidays approach, a tangible sense of excitement fills the air. And this has become the giving season; a time when so many people act selflessly, take a break from their busy schedules, and find the opportunity to give back to others. Even online shopping sites have popularized the act of donating a percentage of their income when customers purchase their products. I, myself, searched for my gifts from organizations that donated a percentage…


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