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Ode to Detroit, or history, decay and promise

I have a fascination with old rust-belt cities, like Detroit and Pittsburgh.  A few summers ago I drove to Chicago with my family.  For most people the long haul across Pennsylvania in particular is probably nothing but tedious, but I loved watching the landscape pass by and imagine all the history that had transpired that brought those cities, towns and farms to the present moment.  I suppose some of my fascination stems from the opportunities that exist in cities…


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Building Bridges to a Hunger-Free Poughkeepsie… …is seeking survey volunteers to help us learn about community food issues!

Building Bridges to a Hunger-Free Poughkeepsie…

…is seeking survey volunteers to help us learn about community food issues!

Middle Main Revitalization has been working with a number of organizations to plan an assessment of our local food system as the first step toward creating a plan for a hunger-free Poughkeepsie. This project is called Building Bridges to a Hunger-Free…


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Spring is in the air...

I can feel Spring in the air and am eagerly awaiting the 50/60 degree weather expected later this week. Finally a break from the snow and ice. But the change I feel in the air is not just due to the transformation of the seasons. As I basked in the warm sunlight that shined through the windows of the Middle Main Resource Center this afternoon, I recognized that much has changed since I started manning the Middle Main Resource Center (located inside the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center) this past…


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Public Goods

I wanted to pass along a transcript of a talk that Malcolm Gladwell gave in Baltimore not long ago. Mr. Gladwell is the author of several National Bestsellers - The Tipping Point and Outliers. 

In the talk he focused his attention on the importance of public goods. His main example was that of a small town in Pennsylvania with an amazing record of low heart disease.  This Mr. Gladwell said was because of the close proximity people live to each another and the fact that they valued…


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Report from Monthly Community Meeting: MMR is Up and Running

Over 15 people were gathered at the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center for Middle Main's Monthly Community Meeting on Wednesday, February 9th, 2011. Middle Main Revitalization holds monthly meetings every second Wednesday at 5:30 pm. Visit middlemain.com for updates on upcoming meetings.

Roy Budnick shared the vision and goals of the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center, which is located at 317 Main Street, Poughkeepsie. He states…


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Wednesday Roundup for February 9, 2011

Here are some things going on in the world of downtown revitalization.

Tonight is the monthly Middle Main Community Meeting.  We invite anyone interested in contributing to a positive dialogue about the revitalization of the Middle Main neighborhood to join us.  We haven’t had a regular community meeting in some time due to some specific projects that we were focusing on, so this month’s meeting will be something of a welcome…


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Hungry? I can help!

Indeed, what you're going to cook and indulge your taste buds with is a an important question, as the title of the last blog post would suggest. Why not check out the diverse options of eateries in the Middle Main neighborhood? I can offer you a helping hand in this exciting and, I hope, very delicious endeavor... While I was flyering for Middle Main Revitalization's Monthly Community Meeting for the month of February (which takes place Wednesday, February 9th at 5:30pm at the Middle Main…


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¿Qué cocinaré hoy? (What's cooking today?)

I am posting this courtesy of Mariel Fiori, our friend and editor of the award-winning monthly publication La Voz.

Hola amigos,

I am very happy to announce that ¿Qué cocinaré hoy? is back on air, reloaded and always improving!
You can hear ¿Qué cocinaré hoy? (What's cooking today?)…

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Inspirational Must-Read

I found this series about creating change in New York City's Brownsville neighborhood - "The Design Difference" - incredibly inspiring.  The similarities to the work described and that of Middle Main (despite the difference in scale) are striking, and there are so many things I believe we can learn from Common Ground and the Brownsville Partnership. 

To start, Common Ground is an organization that was founded to serve the…


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