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Experience of a Springtime Intern


My name is Elijah Ness and I am a fourth year student at Vassar College pursuing majors in Urban Studies and Chinese Language. This past Spring semester I have been working at Hudson River Housing as a Community Design intern. I have worked to develop a series of synthetic maps that depict housing conditions and occupancy rates on the Northside of Poughkeepsie. This has involved on-site surveying, data compilation and analysis, and mapping…


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Hello Again! Second Year VISTA Journey

Hello Middle Main!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post for Middle Main and so much has happened in that time. I’m now in my…


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My Internship Experience

My name is Karibo Opuiyo, and I attend Poughkeepsie High School as a Sophomore. I found out about an internship at Hudson River Housing a month ago, thanks to my sister who had previously done the internship there in the summer. She urged me to apply fo a job there and I ended up actually doing it. I soon found out that I got the job there and I would be assigned to a place called the "Mid Hudson Heritage Center". At first I had never heard of the place, the only…


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My Community Event

Hi, my name is Karibo Opuiyo, and the event I participated in was with Spark Media Project in Poughkeepsie. Spark Media Project is a program that provides workshops, programs, and projects that teach youth skills on the viewing of media, encourages youth to be engaged in Media Arts, and offers employment and growth opportunities. Spark Media was called to my school to do an event with the students involving the city of Poughkeepsie. This was brought about based on a…


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My First Event

Hi my name is Javier Rolon, and my event I am blog about today is the "Day of The Dead". I attended this event awhile ago and I had a great time at it. This event was very inspiring and was very culturaly diverse, there was very inspiring art to celebrate "la dia de muerto" (the day of the dead). The day of dead is a holiday celebrated by latinos to recognize and pray for the loved ones friends and family who have moved on, this is celebrated to also those love oves…


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Interning Through the Hudson River Housing L.E.A.P Program.

My Jessica Thompson and I am a current freshman at Dutchess Community College. This summer I was an intern though the Hudson River Housing L.E.A.P  program. I was assigned to the local business Sweet Willy’s Treats, and while there I was surrounded by great, supportive people who have allowed me to become confident in myself in ways I never thought possible.

While I was interning at Sweet Willy’s I was tasked to create a…


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My First Community Event.

Hi, my name is Jessica Thompson and I am a current freshman at Dutchess Community College. I’ve lived in Poughkeepsie my whole life but I had never been very active in the community until I started working with the Hudson River Housing Projects LEAP program. While working with them I learned about the La Guelaguetza Festival, and decided to check it out.

When I arrived was surprised at just how big the event was. Music and…


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The Community Meetup

Hello, my name is Mariah Boston and I never wrote a blog post before; so here goes something. On October 20th of 2016 there was a community meet up through the middle main initiative organization at the Family Partnership Center. Many but few wonderful people showed up to this meet to come together and talk about how as a team we can help clean the street and other places in the city of Poughkeepsie. As I met some new people and organization, we paired up in large groups and tried coming up… Continue

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My Summer With Middle Main

This summer, I participated in Middle Main’s Youth LEAP program. All in all, it was a really great experience, and I recommend it to any young person who wants to get more involved in the community. My experience with the program was unique because I had interned with Middle Main before, and the program provided me with yet another amazing opportunity to be involved with the community. 

I got to help Middle Main carry out a survey of resident…


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My amazing summer

Summer 2016 was great. I had the chance to work with main street pizza and cafe, which is a great family owned restaurant. I also had the chance to meet the most coolest vista's: Nora culhane and Dylan Hurley. The leap program offered so much more than work experience, it offered many things such as community activities, social gatherings, and just a program for youths in Poughkeepsie to learn more about the city. I am truly grateful for joining the leap program, and working for main street… Continue

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Amazing Community Experience! :)

Over the summer I completed an amazing internship with North River Roasters(NRR) through the Hudson River Housing Youth LEAP Program. I learned so many new things and worked with so many wonderful people. Learning how to roast, weigh/package, and taste coffee was really fun and gave me a new perspective on coffee overall. Doing this internship helped me develop a skill that is important to life, which is public…


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The Best Summer Job I've Had So Far

    This summer, I did an internship with Hudson River Housing called the Youth LEAP Program. The LEAP program had 6 students aged 16+ and over work at 1 of 5 local businesses on Main Street. I chose to work with the Middle Main Initiative and it was one of the best work experiences I've ever had so far.

    I first learned of the Youth LEAP Program at…


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New Year, New VISTAs, Same Desk

This is now a popular post on our Middle Main Facebook page, "Out with the old and in with the new! Congratulations to AmeriCorp…


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An Experience I'll Never Forget

     Recently I completed an internship at the Mid- Hudson Heritage Center through Hudson River Housing. I found out about this experience at a high school job fair and thought it would be a great opportunity. At the job fair I was told I would be paired up with a business on Main Street. When I got home I looked at all the different opportunities that were being offered and thought this Youth Leap Program would benefit me the most. I immediately sent in an application and…


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A day well spent in my community!

Last Friday, I attended a community event, located at 517 Murphy park, and I must say it was amazing. I arrived at around six o'clock and immediately noticed the chairs and tent set up. There was also tables that had an array of things on it such as water, cups, plates and etc. I soon have a seat and the event commences. The first portion of the event began with a ceremony to honor those in the Poughkeepsie community who've helped renovate and make Poughkeepsie a…


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The Impact of a Community Clean Up

    When I stumbled upon the opportunity to be a summer intern for the Middle Main Initiative on a google search, I figured my time here would be spent doing menial office tasks or coffee runs. Instead, I have found myself surrounded by opportunities to watch and participate in community revitalization. One of the main summer projects I have been assigned is to focus on planning Community Clean-Up days with local organizations and places of worship. Through convincing busy church…


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Perspective on: A Community Meeting

As part of the Youth LEAP program I got to attend a local community event. I went to a community lunch/meeting focusing on the Northside of Poughkeepsie. Growing up in Wappingers, I was familiar with this part of Poughkeepsie being a lower-income residential area. However, this meeting was the first time I got to see community leaders discussing the Northside neighborhood from their own perspectives, and sharing recommendations for how the neighborhood can be…


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Collaborating with the Community!

Hello my name is Amber and I’m a Class of 2016 Poughkeepsie High School graduate, currently interning with North River Roasters through the Middle Main program of Hudson River Housing. I’ve been learning how to roast, package, deliver, and even taste coffee (which is more complex and complicated then you would think) and participating in farmers markets (along with a great girl named Tori, Middle Main’s new Community…


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First Community Clean-Up Day

      Today, I went to my first Community Clean-Up Day at Mansion Square park. Before going, I had thought that we would be doing some heavy- duty work, like scrubbing park benches till they were sparkling or something. However, it was something as easy as picking up trash on the park floor. However, I wasn't alone in this clean-up!! We actually picked up trash with a summer program with Christ Episcopal Church. They were aged from 9-11 years old.

      Since It was…


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My First Community Clay Day!



     Today I went to my first Community Clay day! I wasn't sure what to expect or what I’d be able to make out of the clay but I had a great time. I arrived around one in the afternoon and there was a line of about three other families. I was the last to arrive. I registered for the event and then sat down with the other families.

     Soon after one of the volunteers gave…


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