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Digital Tour of Poughkeepsie

I want to share with you all, the Middle Main community and beyond, this 45-minute film that examines15 distinct neighborhoods- detailing their history, looking at their current state and how each ties into Poughkeepsie's evolving urban system. I recommend anyone interested in learning more about Poughkeepsie to check it out. It's a nice tour through the entire city, with lots of interesting information and anecdotes to help you better understand and appreciate the significance of people,…


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"The Village"

Every single day, we each have our own agenda. Go to work, drop the kids at school, do the laundry, go to the store, etc. It is sometimes hard to look beyond our own busy lives and realize that there’s so much more happening in the world around us. Because of this lack of perception, people often miss opportunities to know their neighbors and to capture that community feeling where engaging social interactions were once a societal norm.


One could easily assume that…


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Check out the great events and programs at Adriance Memorial Library

All Middle Main-ers and visitors from near and far! _There are so many interesting, useful, and entertaining FREE programs, classes, events and exhibits going on at The Poughkeepise Library (Adriance) this fall!! I encourage everyone to take a look at their publication, "The Rotunda", to see which may be of interest. I will post on the Middle Main site calendar some that stand out to me as particularly relevant, exciting, or coming up soon! So check the calendar regularly…


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Harvest Moon

Last night, as I was leaving my friend's place I was amazed to see the moon so large, so low and bright, so early as the sun was still setting- in the The Queen City always a beautiful show of warm, fiery colors in a vast sky streaked with light, puffy waves of clouds. Every evening is this splendid that merely stepping outside for a few minutes, getting up off the couch, on to the porch or into the street, and viewing the horizon with new eyes is sure to have some positive effect on you;…


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A Special Program For All Actual and Prospective Business Owners

The Orange County Chamber of Commerce is offering a special 10 week Business Building Course starting September 16, 2013. A great opportunity to learn all about successfully starting your own business or expanding your existing business. The classes are Mondays and Wednesdays from 6pm to 9pm.

"This course is taught by experienced  business owners who are successful…


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A little off center: a great place to start

On Friday I had my first real introduction to the neighborhood that is Middle Main. Starting off our self-guided tour at the Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory, where work is underway on the redevelopment of the site as a central hub of sustainable business and residential living, our backs to a historical gem from the age of booming manufacturing in the city and region, we face a very alive and currently evolving Main Street that brims with creativity and development.

Upon surveying the…


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Friday's Excursion on Main Street

It was great to finally get the chance to walk around the City of Poughkeepsie and get a firsthand experience of the town Steven and I were about to become very involved with. By simply walking up and down Main Street, we were able to get a glimpse of the variety of cultures and hidden gems Poughkeepsie has to offer. The Latin American restaurant Nelly’s is just one of the many authentic cuisines on Main…


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