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Community Leadership Institute

Last month I had the pleasure of accompanying a team of residents to the national Community Leadership Institute in Louisville, Kentucky.  This was a 3-day gathering of community leaders from across the country, organized by one of our biggest supporters and funders,…


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2015 Middle Main Resident Leadership Award

The Middle Main Initiative is committed to developing and empowering residents to work with us to create a strong, vibrant, and creative community.  We understand that residents know what is best for their community, and that neighborhood revitalization can only be carried out responsibly with their participation.  Over the past 6 years, the Middle Main Initiative has engaged with many dedicated community leaders.  Last week we began a new tradition of recognizing outstanding leadership…


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On Nurturing Our Community

It was a lovely evening at Mainstay CoWorking on Friday night! Jamie Rusek, owner of the business at 356 Main Street, held an evening of Cider and Fall Sweets paired with casual community conversation. Folks from…


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October 14th Public Input Session on Center City Revitalization Strategy

This past week on October 14th, Hudson River Housing Staff and Americorps VISTAS helped to facilitate the second Public Outreach Session of the Main Street Economic Development Strategy. Held at the Family Partnership…


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Spicy Mexican Grill, 517 Main Street

My friend and I went out in search for an affordable authentic Mexican meal, and that is exactly what we got. The Spicy Mexican Grill is located on the left side of Main Street if coming from the bridge. BE AWARE; it is very easy to pass if you are not paying attention. Before we arrived at the location my friend and I who were on our way accidentally over shot the restaurant…


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Grassroots efforts are transforming downtown Poughkeepsie

Two more shootings on Main Street recently. No big surprise, right? Why should we expect Main Street to regain its footing anytime soon and approach a new day of commerce and culture and community?

Well think again, because there's a quiet transformation under way in downtown Poughkeepsie that doesn't grab headlines; it just taps into the vision and determination of the people claiming a new downtown where we can all come…


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The View from Des Moines

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If you haven't already, please take a look at Jenny Coronel's post…


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Riding the pendulum? Let's hope not.

I posed this question in an earlier post, and I am going to risk asking it again, even though it may well be perceived as sacrilegious for those enamored of such catchphrases as livability, walkability, bike-ability, etc.  I will state from the outset – I am not opposed to these things.  I believe that they have the potential to form the basis of stronger, more environmentally sustainable communities and bring lots of good things to the people that live in them –…


Added by Elizabeth Celaya on March 28, 2011 at 11:00am — 1 Comment

The words of the night: garbage and shame

The more the snow melts, the more the energy seems to be returning!  We had a good turnout at last night’s community meeting (at least thirty people), and a great cross-section of interests and perspectives.  Two Council members, four community policing officers, several property owners, a stay-at-home mom or two, business owners, residents and more…


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Middle Main is featured in March's issue of La Voz

Middle Main Revitalization is in the press once more. They are featured in March's issue of Bard College's award-winning spanish-language publication La Voz. Browse through March's issue and check out the article on Middle Main! Enjoy!

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Learning 'bout Community Economic Development & Community Building in LA

I attended a NeighborWorks Training Institute in LA last week, along with Andrew Sawtelle and Ed Murphy. I was awaiting the trip and was very excited about it, and now that it's done, I figure I should share a bit of what I learned... I should blog it.

The first two days I took a class on Community Economic Development with Peg Barringer as my instructor. With her extensive background in community economic development, I knew…


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Fellow Middle Main-iacs in LA

Fellow Middle Main-iacs Andrew Sawtelle, Jenny Coronel, and Ed Murphy are off in LA this week to participate in a NeighborWorks America Training Institute.  I’m betting they’ll come back energized by lots new ideas from some of the best minds in community development.  As a tribute, here are some things LA-related in the world of downtown revitalization.

Okay, this first one’s actually about Utah, but its really about tacos…


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Ode to Detroit, or history, decay and promise

I have a fascination with old rust-belt cities, like Detroit and Pittsburgh.  A few summers ago I drove to Chicago with my family.  For most people the long haul across Pennsylvania in particular is probably nothing but tedious, but I loved watching the landscape pass by and imagine all the history that had transpired that brought those cities, towns and farms to the present moment.  I suppose some of my fascination stems from the opportunities that exist in cities…


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Doing the Middle Main Dance

I just found this from the Institute for Comprehensive Community Development. See the full article and a link to the original below.

It reminded of what we're trying to do here with Middle Main. We've been out in Poughkeepsie for almost two years now, doing the neighborhood revitalization dance. We've definitely gotten people to join in, and we just had a very successful inaugural Christmas Tree Lighting at Governor Clinton House, that brought together many different parts of…


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CPC Hudson Valley Main Street Summit

Last Friday, I got the chance to attend The Community Preservation Corporation’s (CPC) Hudson Valley Main Street Summit in Poughkeepsie. The conference, also sponsored in part by Hudson River Housing, included speakers from around the area and centered on all sorts of topics related to community development. It was really interesting and had quite a large turn out. The delicious refreshments…


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Poughkeepsie is Alive: Report from April Community Meeting

Our last Middle Main Community Meeting on April 14 was a huge success. It really showed the strength and diversity of Poughkeepsie and our commitment to working together across differences to build a stronger Main Street for everyone. Thanks to Jim Milano and Hudson Valley FoodWorks for letting us use their space at 372 Main Street, where we hold monthly meetings…


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Reality Tourism?

I'm not sure what to think about this concept of reality tourism. (Check out the below article from the NY Times for a description of efforts in San Francisco.) This is a tough one for me as a Middle Main organizer and advocate, because there is some overlap with what they are doing in San Fran and what we are doing locally in terms of the promotion of the area's current assets, "gritty" or otherwise. But there certainly is a fine line between tourism and exploitation. Touring a currently… Continue

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Things we all can do

People are always asking me for ideas on how they can become more involved in our Middle Main efforts, and the community in general. While there is always work to be done (researching, surveying, grant writing, outreach, etc.), there are ways you can change your own individual thoughts and actions that can lead to becoming more community-minded, and hopefully build the creative energy that leads to wider action and concrete change. For a lot of us, this is an easier first step,… Continue

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Fire protection business moving to Middle Main

City set to sell historic firehouse

Michael Valkys • Poughkeepsie Journal • January 21, 2010

The City of Poughkeepsie will sell its vacant, century-old firehouse on Main Street to a company that installs, services and maintains fire protection systems.

The Common Council approved the sale of the O.H. Booth Hose Company building along Main's 500 block to Craig Arco of Wappingers Falls-based Arco Protection Systems Inc.

Officials said Arco will pay… Continue

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Congratulations to Middle Main-ers Jim Challey and Jeff Kosmacher, who were honored with Hudson River Housing's Community Builder Award at our Annual Meeting yesterday. (Look for photos on Hudson River Housing's Facebook page soon.) Jim and Jeff have been active with Middle Main from the… Continue

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