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Last Friday, I attended a community event, located at 517 Murphy park, and I must say it was amazing. I arrived at around six o'clock and immediately noticed the chairs and tent set up. There was also tables that had an array of things on it such as water, cups, plates and etc. I soon have a seat and the event commences. The first portion of the event began with a ceremony to honor those in the Poughkeepsie community who've helped renovate and make Poughkeepsie a better place. After the ceremony had ended, food from a restaurant cocina macaques, was brought over; as was desserts from sweet willy's treats. The food was amazing and so fresh, and the cookies and mini cheesecakes were fantastic. Once the sky began to darken, that's when the film's from spark media project began. All of the film's were unique and told a story. Students ranging from elementary school to high school participated in the film's and really brought some good stuff to the table. Throughout the film's I found myself laughing, wondering, and just overall enjoying the film's. I had a great time during this community event/film festival and would gladly go any future one's.

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