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A snowstorm can always put a damper on plans for getting our for some fun, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying a special treat with your Valentine, or even just treating yourself.

This morning, I underestimated the weather. I thought if I could just make it out of my apartment, I would be well on my way. As I struggled to even open the front door of my car and climb onto the roof to somehow clean off the massive mounds of snow, I thought to myself that this Valentine’s Day may be one I want to spend cozied up next to a fire with a delicious pre-made meal. The thought of going to grab groceries, or let alone venturing out in this weather seemed like a dreaded ordeal.

But this is a special day, and it deserves a special effort. I’m always so enthusiastic to promote the various restaurants on Middle Main Street to querying customers. Nelly Kelly’s Restaurant is one great option if you are in the mood for delicious, authentic Dominican food. Pat’s Kitchen and The Nuddy Irishman are also great places to stop in and grab some quick takeout. El Patron, and Spicy’s Mexican Grill are great if you are in the mood for down-home fresh Mexican cuisine. And no matter your craving, you will always get great service with a smile at any of these places on Middle Main Street.

Last Friday at El Patron the Middle Main Initiative was officially launched and kicked off the beginning of our partnership with local businesses. Everyone, involved in this initiative, the volunteers, the shopowners, the shoppers, is enthusiastic to support and involve ALL willing businesses on Main Street. I, myself, will be supporting the local businesses this Valentine’s Day as well as many other days of the week in the very near future! Let’s all pitch in, and make this Initiative work!

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