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Over the summer I completed an amazing internship with North River Roasters(NRR) through the Hudson River Housing Youth LEAP Program. I learned so many new things and worked with so many wonderful people. Learning how to roast, weigh/package, and taste coffee was really fun and gave me a new perspective on coffee overall. Doing this internship helped me develop a skill that is important to life, which is public speaking. I had the pleasure of interacting with so many different people, especially at farmers markets, which many people don’t know go on in Poughkeepsie. I even created a survey that I gave out to people to get feedback from the community for ideas for the new NRR cafe. It gave me something to add to my resume and opened doors for many different opportunities. This was my first job and I’m glad I had a positive experience. I hope more youth in the community get to experience the same things, if not, even better things and I hope they will get excited about learning about and helping out the community they live in. This internship made me realize what amazing potential Poughkeepsie has and how if we work together we can make the community better as a whole. It really was a great fit for me and I would love to do it again if I had the chance. Thank you to everyone I worked with!

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