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Art, Culture and Media in our Communities

On April 20th, I hosted a panel talk about the role of media, art and culture in the Hudson Valley.  Speakers Karen Michel, Kiese Laymon, Edward Summers, Children's Media Project, Decora of Readnex Poetry Squad, Leonard Nevarez, and myself spoke about about the role art and media play in the Hudson Valley and how we can foster new possibilities for thinking about these endeavors.  

The objective of the talk was to make broad strokes in considering their impact.  Using a multiple of perspectives, our hope was to delve into the strategies, processes and outcomes that are defining culture in our communities.  Whether as a form of community engagement, a tool for development, or a way of rethinking what is around us, our objective is to build a conversation about what is taking place and what might be possible.
To frame the conversation we used the term Public Culture. The term looks to situate the creation of culture in a much different position, primarily as an expression of the complex activities that are taking place all around us. This is not as an external addition, but a vital glue that links our communities together.  

Our hope was to consider the ways that culture is being produced, its influence over the cities we live in and how it can activate conversations with in our local communities, becoming an extension of everything that we do.  This is something we hope to perpetuate in the future. 
If you are interested in hearing the audio from the event you can hear it at the Dead Hare Radio Hour
Here is the link to Part 1.  Part 2 will be played live on WVKR 91.3 FM on Tuesday at 5pm. 

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