Community Conversations - July Meet-Up

Thank you to all who attended the July Community Meet-Up. At the meet-up concerned and active community members joined in passionate conversations about the well-being of the community and worked to link issues and disappointments they had towards our institutions with potential areas of action. It is often said but it can't be said enough - Poughkeepsie is saturated with residents who CARE and who exist in this city with purpose! 


Nate Bodon, Community Leader, presented a new project called MyPoughkeepsie, a magazine style blog for and by the people of Poughkeepsie. This website will serve to generate awareness to the tremendous resources that are available to all folks living in Poughkeepsie, and will promote quality of life and improve people's perception of this community. Find them and like them on facebook! Email if you would like to contribute short writings about events, lifestyle, or the buzz (news/issues)!

Johnny Galbraith, Community Leader, presented his Bike Rescue SPOKE. The Poughkeepsie Bicycle Advocates aim to 1 - get bikes to people (through bike rescue, earning program through 6 hours of community service or small donation, also get helmets and locks and safety info) and 2 - get people riding bikes (8 Ward Bike Tour, awareness of the use of bikes for simple transportation and quality of life, awareness of safety and existing bike infrastructure in Poughkeepsie). Email if you have resources such as helmets, locks, bikes, skills, or volunteer opportunities!

Open Floor Discussion:

  • Concern for violence. Lack of respect for others. Lack of community policing. Few eyes on the street.
  • Conversations only take place at meetings. Not sustainable. Need to continue in order to make change.
  • Issues with relationships between local institutions.

Ideas & Solutions:

  • Holding organizations accountable to include everyone. Making an initiative to reach out to all churches to engage with available resources and community meetings.
  • Supporting organizations to enhance credibility. Inviting people who you know or don't know to join meetings and resources that you feel are effective or have the potential to be more effective in the community.
  • Create a place online where people can raise topics for discussion to propose ideas for potential solutions.
  • Take a look at our collective and individual values. Promote values that may be absent.
  • Make a suggestion box! For people to anonymously submit ideas for collective review and execution. 

I did not take notes last night so if I failed to mention a major topic that was raised or solution that was proposed please correct me in a comment below! If you have any lingering ideas from the evening please also mention them and we will generate an interactive discussion that may be presented and continued at the next meeting on August 18th

Emma Flynn - - 845-454-5176 ext. 119 

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