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We've been busy over the past few weeks prepping for and hosting our community branding consultants from North Star, who are with us until Friday.  (Cutting my hand with a kitchen knife and getting eight stitches, which makes typing close to impossible, doesn't help, so please excuse any typos!)  We've been touring all around Poughkeepsie, and of course, Middle Main, and talking to as many people as possible to give our consultants a full picture of Middle Main.  If you have something you want to share, email me at ecelaya@hudsonriverhousing.org, and I'll pass it along!  Also, check out North Star on the web, and feel free to communicate with them directly.  We expect to have a completed plan from them in October, and we'll be sure to share it with you.

In other news, our Middle Main Working Group continues to meet, with the idea percolating to have another Day of the Dead celebration this year on Friday, November 2nd.  Below are some notes from the latest meeting.  Are you interested in helping?  Let us know!

The group focused on putting together a series of events around the Day of the Dead, which is Friday, November 2. This is an important event in the Mexican culture and celebrates loved ones who have passed. We had an altar, mole' tasting, and other events at the Heritage Center last year and could expand it this year. The Latina program at Mill Street Loft has expressed interest in participating.

1. Art show at Heritage Center- mid October-November 16th
-Umberto- sculptor
-skeleton paintings

2. Altar-making workshop at Heritage Center- with artists (Guelaguetza group?)
-sugar-skull painting

3. Altar Tour- Day of the Dead-- Friday, November 2nd
-altar tour- in local businesses' windows and at Heritage Center
-food (donated and/or purchased at local businesses)

partners/ideas for outreach:
-Jenny (Heritage Center)- lead outreach
-Sean (HRH)- assist with planning
-Middle Main business owners- esp Oaxacan- Giselle's Bakery, Pancho Villa Deli, Casa Latina, etc
-Mill St Loft- Michele De La Cruz (leads kids' art program)
-La Guelaguetza dancers/artists
-St. Mary's Church?
-Vassar College students?

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