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I want to share with you all, the Middle Main community and beyond, this 45-minute film that examines15 distinct neighborhoods- detailing their history, looking at their current state and how each ties into Poughkeepsie's evolving urban system. I recommend anyone interested in learning more about Poughkeepsie to check it out. It's a nice tour through the entire city, with lots of interesting information and anecdotes to help you better understand and appreciate the significance of people, places, and developments in the city.

Digital Tour of Poughkeepsie

This film was made by Harvey Fladd, Vassar professor and local history buff. It really paints a complete picture of the city of Poughkeepsie throughout the years and serves as a great introduction to the city for residents new and old wanting to know more about the Queen City (like how it got that name) and a thorough explanation of the city's neighborhoods, historic sites, and the factors that have shaped change from its origins to the present. It does showcase a great deal of the history of Poughkeepsie through actual footage, many old and more current photographs (courtesy of the Dutchess County Historical Society) and the filmmakers commentary throughout, but many changes have been made since the film's production. Namely, the railroad bridge mentioned has since been transformed into the well-known and highly used Walkway Over the Hudson state park; the rail bed is now known as the rail trail, with new paved walking trails, throughout most of Dutchess and Ulster counties. The most significant update, common knowledge to current Poughkeepsie residents, is the revival of a major supermarket in the city (Associated Supermarkets on Main St).

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