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      Today, I went to my first Community Clean-Up Day at Mansion Square park. Before going, I had thought that we would be doing some heavy- duty work, like scrubbing park benches till they were sparkling or something. However, it was something as easy as picking up trash on the park floor. However, I wasn't alone in this clean-up!! We actually picked up trash with a summer program with Christ Episcopal Church. They were aged from 9-11 years old.

      Since It was my first clean-up, I was still somewhat stumped on what to wear. I knew that it should be something easy to move around in and comfortable but I didn't want to come in with short-shorts and a tank-top (not that I own those by the way). So, I settled for sweatpants and a loose shirt.

      I was very happy to see the kids so excited to clean up the park. When I was told that we would be doing it with a summer program I thought we would be doing it with 8th-9th graders so I became a little less nervous when I saw them. I was't expecting to pick up a lot of trash at this park though. I live very very close to Mansion Square so and it didn't look like it had that much trash. However, if you look hard enough, Mansion Square still had quite a bit of trash. We found a half finished 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew, a empty box (that's right a box) of Corona beer in a tree, and a whole lot more. There were counselors there too who supervised the kids but they didn't pick up any trash :(. Although the kids really made up for this and were excitedly picking up any trash they found! Some of them didn't even wanna stop when it was time to go!


      For the most part, we made Mansion Square a bit more cleaner today and I feel pretty happy about it. Not only did we clean up this well beloved park but we also helped out the people who's job it is to clean up trash in this park as well. As we were about to leave and take the garbage bags with us to put in a dumpster, they showed up and offered to throw it away and thanked us for the help :). 

      I don't think this will be my last Community Clean-Up Day...

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