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Friday afternoon; the final stretch before the weekend break and whatever blissful, playful, or simply relaxing plans lay ahead of you. For most, it will be a weekend chock full of fun; plans with friends, attending events, or simply kicking back and relaxing. But for those of us behind the scenes of a planned event, it can be pretty stressful. Planning an event can be a challenge in many ways, especially when it comes to recruiting members of the local community to attend after their last day of work of the week. However, the trick is to make it fun, and this past Friday at the Middle Main Happy Hour, we were thrilled to have such a great turnout at the Nuddy Bar & Grill.


For this monthly meet-up, we came up with what we hoped would be a fun way to get everyone to communicate with each other. Our guests arrived and were told they would receive a complimentary drink if they participated in our activity. The free drink was a quick and fun icebreaker, and everyone wanted to join in. A famous person’s name was stuck to the participants back without them knowing who it was. Then, the participants had to walk around the room and ask yes or no questions about their person to others in the room. Once they guessed the correct person, they were rewarded their drink. I, myself, thought this game would be easy since I made the name cards, but like others, it took several minutes and lots of clues for me to finally figure it out.


At events like our happy hour, it can at first be nerve racking for someone to enter a room full of people they aren’t very familiar with. Next, generating a conversation out of thin air? I’m not so sure that screams fun, and this brought us to the idea that our name-game ice breaker could relieve some anxiety.


As I looked around the room at the smiling and engaged faces of our guests, it occurred to me how people these days often forget or ovelook the importance and value of creating relationships with new people. When we are young, it is easy to stay in touch with friends and meet new people through clubs, sports, etc. But apparently as you get older, which I myself am experiencing these days, you become ensconced in your own work and life schedule. Other aspects of your life that were once so important fall second to the other priorities in your life.


We hope that our next Middle Main Monthly Meet Up will help get another great crowd together, to demonstrate to people the importance of knowing your neighbor.

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