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I came across the flyer for this at the MHHC a while ago. I think it would be great for people in the neighborhood and beyond throughout Dutchess County to take advantage of this kind of grassroots, let your voice be heard organization and initiative that seeks to engage those residents yearning to be heard and the concerned community stakeholders in valuable conversations on some vital and often controversial topics. Although this swapping of ideas can prove challenging among narrow minded people, it is precisely this kind of forum that can bring together ideas, even contradictory ones, that spark new ideas and lead to breakthroughs in thinking about a particular issue or addressing a real problem.

I know residents, employees, and advocates have strong opinions on Poughkeepsie's greatest strengths and struggles. Lots of these people are quite vocal and have no qualms letting anybody know what they're thinking anytime of the day. Still others are more taciturn and reserved and therefore their idea, their message would be best conveyed in a setting like the one proposed here. When people of different backgrounds, political orientations and life experiences come together to discuss important ideas in a setting that welcomes all people and respects all points of view. Once the ideas are shared and a direction for a program is identified comes the hard part of working hard, individually and collaboratively in a group, to make things happen. The support of community provides momentum to really keep things moving forward, dealing with obstacles as the arise but accomplishing more  overall in the process.

 IDEA EXCHANGE: Residents Offering Solutions

"From common sense to community sense"

Email your idea to: ideaexchange@dcrcoc.org


  • Original Idea(s)- one or more that you have put into use, 


  • Your idea will improve an existing program,


  • You are willing to work on the project because you believe it will help the Dutchess County Community


  • Please no complaint or personal problem

*No membership fees*

You will be credited with your concept

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