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Last Week in Middle Main - A Little Something for Everyone

There were some great events in Middle Main this past week/weekend! Hopefully you got out to some of these interesting happenings yourself, but if you were unable to I’d like to give you a quick synopsis of the week of January 11th in Middle Main! Glad to see that the winter does not slow us down in Poughkeepsie!



Outside of Middle Main but with Middle Main’s partners the Marist College Center for Civic Engagement and United Way hosted a Community Collaboration workshop at Marist. Ideas around community collaboration and collective impact were discussed, but more importantly several new interesting connections in the community were made! We learned about the Black Health Task Force and worked to connect it with the new City of Poughkeepsie Multicultural Council for some upcoming events through Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month!



The Hudson Valley Young Professionals hosted a Over Time Networking event at DC golf in Middle Main. For anyone who is not familiar with this group it is compiled of now 800 members of professionals from 21-40+ in the Hudson Valley. They host various programs, join for community service activities, and have a lot of fun. Even more, the eight golf simulators in the two stories of DC golf are very impressive. It is strangely satisfying to putt a golf ball at a screen (thats if you don’t miss that ball!).

As always-the Arts Council Arts & Community Action Meeting at The Derby! Several of our local artists expressed the new excitement and fresh energies they were feeling towards their art and projects in the new year.



The Multicultural Council kick-off event of “I Have A Dream: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”. This event was incredible! Robert Wright of Nubian Directions gave a dramatic and impressive rendition of the “I Have A Dream Speech” his voice blaring and shaking just as Martin Luther Kings, Jr.’s did when he gave the speech 52 years ago. Following this we heard from five people from three different generations about what the speech means to them. A general tone of ‘there is still work to be done’ was agreed upon by nods and “mhmm”s throughout the audience each time it was referenced. Even after such advancement has been made in several social issues, Martin Luther King’s speech continues to be relevant in our society today. 


Poet Gold concluded this event beautifully with three poems. She recited two of the poems from memory with the theoretical spice that we love her for, and one from her book. She mentioned to us that in her classes she told students to ask themselves when they wake up in the morning “what type of person do I want to be today?” and offered ideas about the ways of becoming a strong and self-reflective character. Then we all ate birthday cake in honor of MLK!



The opening of ‘Emerging Artists’ at the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center was a big hit! Friends and family and fellow community members came out to support these artists in their very first show. The show will be up until February 28th.


Friday night there was also a showing of local artists including Drew Miller, Marie Diperri, and Joesph Marescaat Art Centro, as well as Community Clay night!



Community Clay Day!

Record Swap at 330 Main with Jade Palace Guard and John Breiner.

POK LIT held their first monthly event at the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center. There was a great turn out for the author readings including Laura Rose and Laura Shaine Cunningham. Next month on Queen City Saturday POK LIT will feature an author reading with Charles R. Smith, Jr.

To cap off the week o’ Middle Main I grabbed a slice of awesome pizza at My Place.


There was a little something for everyone in Middle Main this week. Let’s keep our momentum through the rest of the season! Here are some exciting things coming up in the near future:


Tomorrow (Jan 20) Monthly Community Meet-Up

Jan 22-24 Creating a Common Good: A Practical Conference for Economic Equality

Jan 29 Pizza Making Workshop. Heck ya



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