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Hi, my name is Karibo Opuiyo, and the event I participated in was with Spark Media Project in Poughkeepsie. Spark Media Project is a program that provides workshops, programs, and projects that teach youth skills on the viewing of media, encourages youth to be engaged in Media Arts, and offers employment and growth opportunities. Spark Media was called to my school to do an event with the students involving the city of Poughkeepsie. This was brought about based on a book that the school was assigned to read called "Into the Beautiful North". this Book showed how a girl tackled issues in her home town and brought about peace in her area. We were tasked with coming up with issues that needed to be tackled in the city of Poughkeepsie, and create a superhero that would deal with these issues. When that was completed Spark Media came in and helped us create a script involving our superheroes taking down issues such as gun violence and drugs. This script would turn into a short video that would be produced by us, starring our heroes. The whole thing would be run by the students, Spark Media would just stand back and let us do our thing. They even had us taking control of the camera, we were really taking control of our own creations. They gave us an insight on how the creative production system was. It was a hassle having to delete some footage because there was a problem with audio, or having to improvise when something went wrong with the filming, but it all turned out excellent. Sooner or later our films were complete and we were told that the author of the book "Into The Beautiful North" was going to be coming to our school to talk about the book, and to watch out short films. Luís Alberto was a very funny person to talk to. When he arrived he was very relaxed and eager to see what we came up with. As he began watching our films he was very impressed to see how we put together the whole thing. He gave us many complements and he was very pleased with our creations. After all the short films had been watched he started telling us about his past and how all the characters in the story came to be. He then began a book signing in the library and we all got our books autographed. This was a really great experience for us students and I thank Spark Media and Poughkeepsie High School for giving us the chance to participate in this wonderful event.    

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