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My name is Karibo Opuiyo, and I attend Poughkeepsie High School as a Sophomore. I found out about an internship at Hudson River Housing a month ago, thanks to my sister who had previously done the internship there in the summer. She urged me to apply fo a job there and I ended up actually doing it. I soon found out that I got the job there and I would be assigned to a place called the "Mid Hudson Heritage Center". At first I had never heard of the place, the only thing I knew about it was that it was some sort of art exhibit. On my first day I was greeted by my now boss Corene, by the first two days I already knew she was a kind loving person. She has been nothing but caring to me. My time at the Heritage Center has been very rewarding and filled with many great experiences. for example being able to go to Locus Grove and see the the different vendors that were setting up there and being able to actually participate and hold down the Heritage Center table there. The different exhibits that have been set up here are truly amazing and you can honestly get lost in the creativity that people have to share in their artwork. If I have learned one thing being an intern here it is definitely that you never know who will walk in and it is crucial that you try to make conversation with anyone you meet. Everyone has a story and it only takes a few words to open their book and get to know them. I have truly loved my time at the Heritage Center and hope to get to come back here in the summer.     

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