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¿Qué cocinaré hoy? (What's cooking today?)

I am posting this courtesy of Mariel Fiori, our friend and editor of the award-winning monthly publication La Voz.

Hola amigos,

I am very happy to announce that ¿Qué cocinaré hoy? is back on air, reloaded and always improving!
You can hear ¿Qué cocinaré hoy? (What's cooking today?) on http://www.wgxc.org/ or 90.7 FM (if you are in Columbia or Greene counties) every Friday from 2 to 3 pm, Eastern time.
Your hosts: Mariel Fiori and Antonio Flores Lobos.
Listen today at 2 pm for good music, news commentary, good mood, and two very interesting interviews with people who think about change and then work to make it happen. For example, Romeo Ramírez, who is a member of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers in Florida, is now in the Northeast organizing a march in Boston to stop sweat shops. The CIW recently scored a victory to increase pay to tomato workers after a 15 year long battle. See more here: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/19/us/19farm.html. We will also talk with Teresa Gutiérrez, National Director of International Action Center's Latin American & Caribbean Project, about the real news from Mexico.
¿Qué cocinaré hoy? also features health advice, food recipes, math puzzles, and community announcements, among others, on a daily 15 minute micro-show at 6.45 pm.
Please, let us know of other topics we may cover in upcoming shows by emailing to que.cocinare.hoy@gmail.com
WGXC is a new community radio based in Hudson and Catskill, NY. The official launch of the FM radio will be on February 26th, at the Catskill Community Center. More info here: http://wgxc.org/ Everyone is invited.
¡Hasta pronto!


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Comment by Jenny Coronel on February 9, 2011 at 2:29pm
Stop by the Middle Main Resource Center and pick up your free copy of La Voz!

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