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Returning To The Neighborhood: My Community Outreach Fellowship Begins

My name is Tori and I am Middle Main’s new Community Outreach Fellow. I am a class of 2018 Vassar College Urban Studies major from Kingston, NY. I like to eat grilled cheese and sing along, loudly, to the radio.

My tasks at Middle Main include running the Poughkeepsie Pop-Up Shop booth at the Arlington Farmers Market, general outreach and just assisting other members of Middle Main as needed. However, one of the biggest things I am doing is helping with the Community Impact Measurement Survey. That’s a long title to a survey that basically measures how things are changing in Middle Main Neighborhood and where improvement is needed.

This survey is a large undertaking. For it I have had to assess 100 different land parcels, and the conditions of each block in the Middle Main neighborhood; soon we will be surveying 200 individual households in the community. The Middle Main neighborhood is everything between the arterials from Market Street to Jewett.

This survey combines my favorite and least favorite part of my job. I love going out onto the streets of Poughkeepsie and actively doing something. I enjoy talking with people, but I also like surveying buildings. Unfortunately, the flip side of collecting data is that I must then spend hours entering it into an excel spreadsheet!

If you see me out and about in Poughkeepsie please holler a hello. I’d love to tell you about some exciting things in our community!

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