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"Staging:" Food Adventures in Middle Main

When I read this article in the luxury-market magazine Departures, I couldn't help but think about how easily you could swap Houston for Middle Main.  There are lots of parallels here - a city seen as less than a destination, neighborhoods filled with diverse cultures, and of course, an authentic ethnic food scene.  The world-renowned chefs profiled in this article talk about drawing inspiration from the hole-in-the-wall joints in Houston's back-alley neighborhoods, and learning new techniques through "stages" - short, intensive stints spent with other chefs to learn new skills.  Can you picture our local CIA chefs staging at Panaderia Gisselle's, learning the art of Oaxacan bread-baking, or throwing down some authentic carnitas at Spicy Mexican Grill?  We've got our own rich food traditions right here, and they're growing, just down the road from the world's premier culinary institution.  Check out the article in Departures Magazine and let us know what you think!

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