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Hello Middle Main! I hope everyone is enjoying the start of their summers. It’s already the middle of June and I can tell that this summer is going to fly by so quickly! There are a lot of exciting projects coming up for the VISTAs so we are busy bees working away to get our projects off the ground.

I am very excited to announce that we’ve got a new addition to the team for the summer. Tori Salomani, a rising junior, studying Urban Studies and Architecture at Vassar College will be our Community Outreach Fellow throughout the summer of 2016. So if you see her around on the street, make sure to say hi!

One of the big projects that Tori and I will be working on throughout the summer is the Community Impact Measurement survey. The survey measures the resident's opinions about the neighborhood, anywhere from trust and safety to neighborhood friendliness.

Some of you remember that Middle Main implemented the survey in 2013, if you filled out the survey then, we thank you! We are in Phase 2 of the CIM survey, where we do follow up surveys in the same neighbor three years later to track changes in how residents feel about their neighborhood. If you get the mailed survey or someone knocks on your door with the survey, I encourage you to fill it out. We want to hear your voice!

If you want to get involved, do door-to-door fliering or get more information, please feel free to reach out to me. I will be more than happy to discuss the survey in depth.

On another note, Nora and I are working on Youth LEAP, a summer youth employment program that matches participants up with our Middle Main Business Partners, where they get hands on work experience. Additionally, the program requires applicants to learn about civic engagement, take a financial fitness class and attend a workshop on building job and career skills.

Exciting things in the work for the summer of my first VISTA term. Did I mention I've signed on for a second year? ;)

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