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Hello, my name is Mariah Boston and I never wrote a blog post before; so here goes something. On October 20th of 2016 there was a community meet up through the middle main initiative organization at the Family Partnership Center. Many but few wonderful people showed up to this meet to come together and talk about how as a team we can help clean the street and other places in the city of Poughkeepsie. As I met some new people and organization, we paired up in large groups and tried coming up with some new ways we can help this be known out there and also how to help it become much better for the city of poughkeepsie. Here are some of the ideas we came up with as a team:

Need for more cans overall also recycling receptacles
Encourage more people to not litter and throw away their trash
Do programs in every school district
Have a morning radio talk show outreach
Have the younger ones do fundraising
And etc……...
So those were some of the few ideas we came up as a whole. My opinion for this meetup is that we were more focus on what we can do to help the community and how we can spread the word around. Even though we are talking about Poughkeepsie, we also wanna help other district such as Arlington, Hyde park, Ketcham, and others. If you want to be part of this new seed of growth than there are more meetups at the family partnership center on 29 North hamilton st. and the dates for those are November 17th and December 15th at 6pm-8pm, so don’t be afraid to come and show up to those meetings. If you have in question or ideas, come and contact Nora, Dylan, or I myself.
Emails: Nora- nculhane@hudsonriverhousing.org
Dylan- Dhurley@hudsonriverhousing.org
Mariah- Mariah11061999@gmail.com

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